Syrian Army Makes Strategic Advances In Aleppo


The Syrian Army took control over the ruins of the Air Force technical college in western Aleppo and now controls over 60 percent of the 1070 Apartments District and the district of al-Hamadaniah.

The next goal is the central building of the artillery college which is currently being shelled with artillery and mortars.

Thus, the Syrian Army and its allies are regaining ground after jihadists launched a counteroffensive against government forces in June. The distance of 200 meters to the Air Force College was a hard task for the Syrian Army but finally they managed to turn the tide in the battle for the Western corridor.

Currently, Syrian forces are drawing reserves to the area. If the offensive continues at the same pace, in the coming days, the Syrian Army is likely to begin an attack on the artillery college building and former military warehouses behind it, an article in the Russian online newspaper Vzglyad read. As for the 1070 district, Syrian forces are continuing to clean terrorists from its territory. However, there has been a serious change to the Syrian Army’s tactics.

Now, Syrian forces are focused on primary goals and do not spend much time on secondary goals, such as clearing the liberated area until the very last terrorist. This allows for speeding up advances and moving reserves over long distances, according to the article.

At the same time, the Syrian Army is still vulnerable to counterattacks by terrorists. For example, over the past 24 hours the military deployed its Tiger Forces unit from Aleppo to Hama, which was liberated recently, to prevent a counter offensive. Tiger Forces and other similar special units are used across Syria to prevent attacks in different areas.

The weak spot of this tactic is that after Tiger Forces leave an area the enemy resumes attacks on it. For instance, on August 31, jihadists attacked an area along the Castello Road after a unit left. Regular troops of the Syrian Army could not repel the attack and fierce clashes have been underway in the area for two weeks now. Currently, Syrian forces have entrapped a group of terrorists in Aleppo, having cut their supply lines. Further advances of the Syrian Army in the area will focus on liberating the ruined building. The Syrian Army will also be backed by Russian airstrikes.


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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