Serbia, Macedonia Leaders Hail ‘One-Stop Shop’ Border Project


(RFE/RL) — Serbia’s president and Macedonia’s prime minister have expressed satisfaction with the implementation of a joint border project aimed at facilitating the transit of people and goods between the two countries.

Aleksadar Vucic of Serbia and Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev hailed the project, dubbed One-Stop Shop, when they met at the Tabanovce-Presevo border crossing on September 2.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Zaev said transit through the border crossing will be significantly facilitated thanks to the establishment of one single customs office for the two neighbors.

Hailing the friendship between Macedonia and Serbia, he voiced hope that the same approach of joint border management will in the future be implemented in other crossings between Macedonia and Serbia.

“The project means that we will have a joint custom post that will facilitate cross-border travel for tourists and significantly reduce waiting time at the crossings,” Macedonia’s prime minister said.

“The project is important so that people do not waste time and do not stay too long,” Vucic said. “This is very important for the economy of both countries and will encourage tourists to go through our countries.”

Zaev said the project will officially be inaugurated after the two countries’ customs administrations, Interior Ministries, phytosanitary offices, and veterinary services sign bilateral agreements.

Vucic said he expected the inauguration to take place before then end of the year.


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