US Led Domestic And International Energy Plan If Biden Is Elected Will Hurt Asia, US And Global Prosperity – OpEd


Former U.S. Vice President and current U.S. Democratic Party nominee for President of the U.S. Joe Biden declared, “I am not banning fracking,” to a group of energy workers in U.S. state – Pennsylvania during a recent campaign stop.

Mr. Biden may say he doesn’t support banning fracking, or the over 6,000 products that come from a barrel of American oil that mainly has its origins from exploration and production using hydraulic fracturing (fracking), but: “Biden’s overall platform calls for an accelerated transition away from fossil fuels via several policies, including a target of 100% carbon-free power by 2035.”

Biden’s energy plan would devastate Pennsylvania jobs, and Asia if elected these policies it would lead to a slower economic recovery from the coronavirus. Does this mean instead Mr. Biden supports carbon-free nuclear energy to electricity plants wholeheartedly since nuclear energy is the only source of carbon-free electricity in existence? Would Mr. Biden then condemn U.S. states Illinois and California’s plans to shut down nuclear plants in favor of renewables (mainly wind turbines and solar panels)? 

California is now rethinking closing their plants after a heat wave caused the state’s grid operator to cut off power to millions of residents and businesses when renewables could not handle the electricity load required on hot summer days. Mr. Biden has not said one way or the other if he agrees with California and Illinois’ electricity choices.

But China, India, Japan, Pakistan, or other growing Asian nations have never indicated they would shut down nuclear plants, or coal-fired power plants in favor of renewables for electricity. The “Asian Century” would stop dead in its tracks if they solely relied on renewables or biomass thought to be a clean source of electricity when the exact opposite is true. The American and European Green New Deals would permanently eliminate fossil fuels, nuclear, and 6,000 daily products for healthy, COVID-free living. Is this what Mr. Biden means by 100% carbon-free power when the western region of the U.S. is collapsing over the energy policies Mr. Biden wants to implement if elected?

Australia is the best example of climate-driven energy policies that will devastate Asia and Africa as well if employed once a Biden administration is globally favoring renewables (wind turbines and solar panels) over oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy to electricity.

A report by Dr. Alan Moran in The Hidden Cost of Climate Policies and Renewables, “takes an all-inclusive accounting approach, including hidden costs of higher energy (and electricity) prices passed on by business.” The report uncovers Australians and anyone using renewables for electricity pay an additional $13 billion per year, or $1,300 per household in electrical generation costs; meaning climate policies usurped by renewables add “a staggering 39%” yearly cost onto utility bills for all segments of Australian society. 

Australia is a First World nation, but heavy renewable usage is causing their electrical grid to be shut off: a term referred to as “load shedding.” The energy policy theory goes for renewables it that they meet the five requirements of energy and electricity, which are – abundant, affordable, reliable, scalable, and flexible. According to Academy award winner Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” that isn’t true, renewables destroy the planet.

Additionally, it is believed without question that man is causing irreparable warming to the planet and all fossil fuels and emissions (a dangerous proposition) should be eliminated and replaced with wind turbines and solar panel energy to electricity farms. Never mind that wind turbines cause heavy emissions and pollution, solar panels have incredibly low energy density and are ecologically toxic compared to coal, natural gas, or nuclear; and that anthropogenic global warming has serious questions to answer before destroying an entire world predicated on fossil fuel usage.

Now imagine that cost being thrust on the backs of billions in India, China, or Africa where 600 hundred million are still without electricity. This on top of the 4 billion globally either without electricity, or do not have enough electricity to power an old refrigerator. Hundreds of billions of development money is being wasted on renewables, instead of fossil fuels, or nuclear generated electricity for billions without hope, or a future.

Either continue investing in, and building coal-fired, natural gas-fired power plants, and nuclear generating electricity plants that fulfills base-load generation capacity, or build and invest in unreliable, intermittent, expensive, and mathematically unstable wind and solar farms. Mr. Biden has been the working man’s U.S. Senator for decades, but if he moves in this direction, Biden dooms billions to poverty and unfulfilled lives.

Everywhere, from U.S state – Texas to Germany and Australia, that renewables have been deployed electricity prices can spike over 40,000%. That’s correct, a 40,000% price spike. Base-load requirements are only met at this time by fossil fuels, and nuclear under current energy and electricity technological constraints to meet the basic standards of energy and electricity being abundant, affordable, scalable, reliable, and flexible. 

We are worshipping the sustainability of the wind and the sun without considering the billions who are in abject, agrarian poverty since they do not have reliable electricity much less access to everyday products produced by crude oil. Reliable electricity is one of the biggest problems the world has right now, and it will only become thornier years, and decades ahead. Asia is now led by China, and they are consuming more fossil fuels and nuclear energy than previously thought possible. India is the same, and both are jockeying for who will lead Asia for the rest of this century.

The India-China rivalry will equal and likely surpass the U.S.-Soviet Union Cold War. Energy and electricity will be at the forefront. Clashes that China is instigating between the two Asian giants is the new norm.

Will the U.S. choose the Biden plan potentially unleashing economic insecurity and geopolitical tension? Or will U.S. voters and Asian citizens embrace the Trump administration’s view of unconstrained fossil fuels and nuclear for the U.S. and most important geopolitical region in the world – Asia. 

Todd Royal

Todd Royal, M.P.P. is the Managing Partner for Energy development, Oil & Gas, and Renewables for Ascendance Strategies, a global threat assessment and political consulting firm that is based in Los Angeles, California

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