Bahrain: Five Police Injured In Terror Blast


Five policemen were injured after an improvised explosive device detonated late Monday on the outskirts of Manama, Bahrain.

The bomb exploded during Ashura, a Shia holiday marked in the Northern Governorate of Bahrain, and targeted the personnel who were performing security for an Ashoora procession in Daih on the Budaiya Highway.

Bahrain’s Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla, on Tuesday condemned the terrorist attack.

“It was a cowardly act carried out by terrorist murderers whose aim is to subvert the kingdom’s security and stability and intimidate secure citizens and residents,” Al-Mulla said, stressing that the terrorist attack will strengthen Bahrainis’ unity and rallying behind the leadership.

Additionally, Al-Mulla said that such terrorist acts will not affect the unity of the Bahraini people’s segments, religious and components, stressing that it will strengthen Bahrainis’ cohesion and cooperation with the state to confront whoever seeks to put national security and stability at risk.

Al-Mulla stressed that religious freedoms are guaranteed in Bahrain, and enjoy the care and support of the state, and no one will be allowed to use them to achieve non-national goals.

The majority of Bahrain’s citizens are Shiite Muslims, although the al-Khalifa monarchy is Sunni.

Local media is reporting that Saudi Arabia has condemned the attack and offered its full support to Bahrain to fight terrorism.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the attack, noting, “The incident convincingly confirms the need to consolidate Bahraini society on the platform of renouncing violence and seeking mutual understanding for the sustainable social and economic development of Bahrain, a friendly country to us.”

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