Spain: Unemployment Rose By 20,441 In September


The number of recorded unemployed at the State Public Employment Services (Spanish acronym: SEPE) rose in September by 20,441 on the previous month. This figure is lower than September 2017, which recorded an increase of 27,858 people.

In seasonally-adjusted terms, unemployment fell by 19,398 people. Compared with September 2017, unemployment has fallen by 207,673 people, a year-on-year reduction of 6.09%.

This means that the total figure for recorded unemployment now stands at 3,202,509.

Unemployment among men stands at 1,313,151, a rise of 6,157 (0.47%) on August, while unemployment among women stands at 1,889,358, a rise of 14,284 (0.76%). In year-on-year terms, unemployment among men has fallen by 126,314 (8.78%) and among women by 81,359 (4.13%).

Unemployment among young people under the age of 25 rose by 22,765 (9.45%) on the previous month, but fell by 2,324 among those aged 25 or over (0.08%).

In terms of Training and Apprenticeship Contracts, the State Public Employment Services were notified of a total of 2,527 registered in the month of September. This figure has gradually been declining in the months of September over the last three years.

Recorded unemployment rose in 11 autonomous regions, particularly in Andalusia (up 12,021), Extremadura (up 3,640) and Asturias (up 2,269), while it fell in the six remaining regions, particularly in Castile-La Mancha (down 5,196) and the Canary Islands (down 1,587).

By sector of economic activity, recorded unemployment fell in the agricultural and fisheries sector by 8,437 (down 5.68%), in the construction sector by 7,427 (down 2.66%) and in the industrial sector by 2,415 (down 0.86%). In contrast, it rose in the services sector by 28,945 (up 1.32%) and among first-time job-seekers by 9,775 (up 3.51%).

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