Pakistan’s Contribution To Qatar World Cup Security – OpEd


The 2022 football World Cup is scheduled to happen in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. Qatar will deploy tens of thousands of security forces to ensure a flawless World Cup. 

Sport is a powerful tool to promote peace, tolerance and understanding, bringing people together across boundaries, cultures and religions. 

Qatar signed agreements with several countries regarding security arrangements for the World Cup. Countries are UK, France, Turkiye, Pakistan and South Korea, as well as the US. A similar deal has been agreed with the EU also.

The Gulf country will be hosting the football world cup for the very first time. It requested Pakistan Army also for security assistance during the mega event. A four-member delegation of Qatari interior ministry visited Pakistan in August to discuss the matter.

A contingent of the Pakistan Army left for Qatar on Monday 10 October to assist the Qatari government in security duties during the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The contingent comprises Pakistan Army officers, junior commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.

The relations between Qatar and Pakistan are strong and deep-rooted in various fields, since the beginning of diplomatic relations in the early seventies, and these relations have been strengthened by mutual visits at the highest levels, during which a large number of agreements were signed in the field of politics, economy, trade exchange, investments, culture, education and many other important fields.

His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Amir of the State of Qatar, directed to raise the number of Pakistani workers in the State of Qatar, so it was announced that one hundred thousand Pakistani workers will be brought to work on infrastructure projects taking place in the State of Qatar as part of the preparations for hosting the World Cup 2022 as well as other ongoing projects in the State of Qatar.

No one can doubt about the professionalism and capability of Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army has remained the most well managed, disciplined and responsive institution of the country.  Pakistan Army is considered to be one of the best army’s in the world. According to Global Firepower, the Pakistan defence forces are ranked as the “9th most powerful military” in the world.

Decades after the creation of the United Nations, Pakistan continues to serve on the frontline of peacekeeping missions in the most troubled regions of the world, helping the global body maintain stability and peace.

Pakistani peacekeeping missions have been at the forefront of helping, serving, promoting peace and stability for humanity, and the world, including the current UN Secretary-General, has praised Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to the world. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during his visit to Pakistan appreciated and paid tribute to the Pak Army’s efforts made for peace in Pakistan and as well for World peace.

Always in fewer budgets and with limited technology, Pakistan Army has produced great results against all the challenges and entire world admitted the professionalism and expertise of Pakistan Army. That is why Qatari government has requested and trusted Pakistan Army to provide fool proof security during the FIFA world cup along with other countries troops. 

Ahsan Zaheer is a freelance journalist.

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