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Armed Groups Trained In Jordan, Turkey Infiltrate Syria


In the past two months, Syrian and Arab volunteers infiltrated Syria after completing their training on street fighting, mine and improvised explosive devices planting, storming military barracks and security centers.


According to Arab sources, these fighters infiltrated Syrian territory from Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and the Kurdish and Sunni regions of Iraq.

These fighters entered Syria carrying with them large quantities of small and medium arms including Russian SAM-7 anti-aircraft missiles and anti tank rockets. These fighters are ready “to start the Winter War” against the forces loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. This fight will be in cooperation with defectors from the Syrian army, called “the free Syrian army” led by Colonel Riyadh al-Assad, who began the implementation of the plan from inside the Turkish border.

Syrian rebel sources conveyed that the armies in Jordan and Turkey oversee the training of these anti-regime elements. These sources maintain that the only choice faced by the world, the Arab League and the Syrian people is to declare an armed resistance against the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his “gangs.”

A rebel source in Beirut told a Kuwaiti newspaper “that none of the residents of the Sunni villages and towns in the north of Lebanon and the Lebanon Valley were interested in smuggling arms to the Syrian rebels, claiming they do not want to interfere in the crisis. According to these source, the local residents afraid of the response of Hizbullah in case of helping opponents of the Syrian regime.


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