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Spain: Recorded Unemployment Falls By 31,903 From Same Month Last Year


In January 2020, the number of recorded unemployed at the State Public Employment Services had fallen by 31,908 on the same month of the previous year, at a year-on-year rate of 0.97%.

In seasonally-adjusted terms, and removing the calendar effect, the rise in unemployment is much lower, only increasing by 13,480 people.

The number of recorded unemployed in January of 2020 rose by 90,248 on the previous month. This is a slightly higher increase than in 2019, but below the average for the last 10 years. In relative terms, unemployment increased by 2.85%. The rise in the number of recorded unemployed has been a constant feature in January over the last 25 years.

Accordingly, the total number of unemployed stands at 3,253,853. In January 2019, unemployment rose by 83,464 on the previous month.

Unemployment among men and women

Unemployment among men stands at 1,356,980, a rise of 28,584 (up 2.15%), while unemployment among women stands at 1,896,873, a rise of 61,664 (up 3.36%) when compared with December. When compared with January 2019, unemployment among men has fallen by 3,468 (down 0.25%) and among women by 28,440 (down 1.48%). Although unemployment has fallen more among women than among men, in absolute values, unemployment among women remains higher than among men.

Differences by age

Unemployment among young people under the age of 25 rose by 7,534 in January (up 3.05%) when compared with the previous month, while unemployment among those aged 25 and above rose by 82,714 (up 2.84%).

Differences by region and sector

Recorded unemployment fell in one autonomous region – the Balearic Islands (down 266) – while it rose in the remaining 16 regions, headed up by Andalusia (up 28,156) and Madrid (up 11,417). By sector of economic activity, recorded unemployment fell in Construction by 9,368 (down 3.42%) and among first-time job-seekers by 3,145 (down 1.22%). In contrast, recorded unemployment rose in Agriculture by 9,085 (up 6.45%), in Industry by 2,719 (up 0.99%) and in Services by 90,957 (up 4.11%).

Total number of employment contracts

The total number of employment contracts signed in January amounted to 1,764,837, a fall of 93,240 (down 5.02%) on the same month of 2019. Of these, 178,978 were permanent employment contracts, 8,496 were training contracts and 1,577,363 were temporary employment contracts.

178,978 permanent employment contracts were signed in January, 10.1% of the total. This figure is down by 2,370 (1.31%) on the same month of last year.

Permanent employment contracts were divided in January, in terms of the working day, into 114,382 full-time contracts and 64,596 part-time contracts. Within the category of temporary employment contracts, there was a high number of Production-related Temporary Contracts, with a full working day, amounting to 28.26% of all contracts, followed by Specific Works or Services, with a full working day, amounting to 27.82%. Part-time temporary contracts amounted to 28.39% of the total.

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