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Campaign Begins For Global Palestinian Refugee Revolution


Worldwide protests against Israeli policies against Palestinians and for the right to return of refugees, with sit-ins outside embassies and participation of over 1-million.


These are the goals set by a commission set up by Gaza Strip students and activists, in the wave of current protests and revolts that are changing the political scene of many Arab nations.


According to the Palestinian Maan news agency, the campaign was initiated for the global sit-in that will take place on March 15.

Organisers told Maan that figures known for their work on refugee rights had been contacted worldwide, referring in particular to Palestinian communities in Europe and Latin America asked to gather outside Israeli diplomatic offices in world capitals.

In line with initiatives that are taking place in other nations of the region, the promoters of the Palestinian campaign are using social network sites to spread information and organise the global protest that aims to mobilize the Palestinian diaspora into action.



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One thought on “Campaign Begins For Global Palestinian Refugee Revolution

  • March 5, 2011 at 3:20 am

    Israelis have not kept Palestinians away from their homelands and there was no Palestine or Palestinians till 1964. Israelis need safety and not to be continually bombarded with missiles, suicide bombers or the like, Israelis will retaliate in kind as they have been doing since 1948. Palestinian leaders in 1948 told their own peoples to evacuate their lands, not Israelis. Blame Palestinians for their own plight as “refugees” for over 60 years. Make some kind of peace with Israel and get over it. Stop rewriting your history to make yourselves out to be the “perfect victims.” It’s not historically correct and does no credit to your people.


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