Ukraine: 92% Want EU Membership By 2030


By Tobias Gerhard Schminke

(EurActiv) — Ninety-two per cent of Ukrainians favour EU membership by 2030, the latest poll by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) finds. Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in December 2021, only 67% said they would vote ‘yes’ in a referendum for immediate accession.

This trend is confirmed by a recent Rating poll which found that 87% of Ukrainians would vote to join the EU in a referendum – the highest figure ever measured.

A similar trend can be observed in public opinion on NATO membership. The NDI poll found that 86% would like Ukraine to be a NATO member by 2030, while 59% supported immediate membership before the war.

Some 89% answered that they are very optimistic or more optimistic than pessimistic about Ukraine’s future.

More Ukrainians now believe that the war will be longer than in May. Back then, 44% thought the war would end after half a year. Only 31% believe the same today, while those who think it will take another year doubled to 15%.

Sixty-eight per cent report a reduction in income since the war, 64% a deterioration of mental health, 50% a deterioration of physical health, 46% separation from family, 37% the loss of friends and family, 29% the loss of job, and 9% the loss of home.

Half report that they lack electricity in their home all the time or many times. The lack of an Internet connection is a common issue for 26%. 13% struggle to hear their house all the time or often. 12% said that they struggle with their water supply.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy remains a hero for many Ukrainians, with a whopping 88% think he has been doing a very good or good job since the invasion.

Peace in exchange for the currently occupied territory is highly unpopular. 88% think it is an entirely unacceptable or somewhat unacceptable position. 71% think the same about renouncing Ukraine’s bid for NATO. For the EU, the figure even stands at 75%.

After being fairly open to peace negotiations with Russia in May, the mood has now changed: only 29% would currently approve of this step.


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