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Libya: Fighting Continues As Civilians Flee


Fighting and killing continues from Zenten in the West – controlled by forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi – to Misurata, reports MISNA.

According to MISNA, riots broke out Sunday in Misurata as civilians sought to seek refuge in a hospital ship sent by Turkey.

Due to the violence, the ship had to leave port after only being able to take 250 wounded on board, said religious and civilian sources, according to MISNA.


A lull in NATO bombardments in the capital Tripoli allowed civilians to seek food, however long lines were reported for such basics as bread and gasoline.

“The fighting continues, the war risks lasting a long time,” said a MISNA source.

MISNA noted that it is almost impossible to contact the insurgent cities of Cyrenaica, politically organized by the Libyan National Council, as well as to obtain news from Brega, the oil terminus in the gulf of Sirte

It was in Sirte that NATO attack mistakingly killed 13 inurgents.

Reports suggesting that Gaddafi’s sons might seek to lead the government for a year replacing their father have been denied.

Today, during a meeting with an emissary from the Libyan National Council, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini has suggested the posssibility of arming the insurgents as a last case scenario.

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