Libya: UK Possibly To Send Non-Combat Equipment


Britain is considering supplying Libyan rebels with non-lethal equipment, Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Monday.

“We are prepared to supply non-lethal equipment which will help with the protection of civilian lives and the delivery of humanitarian aid,” Hague told the House of Commons.

Both Britain and the United States have suggested arming the Libyan rebels to fight forces loyal to President Muammar Gaddafi. No consensus has been reached on the issue among coalition forces, currently enforcing a no-fly zone and arms-embargo on the North African country.

Hague also said the United Nations and European Union may consider dropping sanctions against some members of Gaddafi’s regime if they abandon their support of him.

“In the case of anyone currently sanctioned by the EU and U.N. who breaks definitively with the regime, we will discuss with our partners the merits of removing the restrictions that currently apply,” Hague said. “Sanctions are designed to change behavior and it is therefore right that they are adjusted when new circumstances arise.”

The foreign minister said the EU would discuss this week the possibility of removing sanctions imposed on Former Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa, who fled Tripoli for Britain on Wednesday.

Thousands have died in a civil war that emerged in Libya after forces loyal to Gaddafi violently suppressed anti-government protesters in mid-February.

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