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Work Through Your Differences: A Hope For Positive Change – OpEd


Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan through his visits around the world, primarily Arab countries, China, Malaysia, Qatar and Turkey is showing off his great tendency towards the strong foreign relations of Pakistan and hope of positive cordial relations with every nation not only with nearby or regional countries. An independent and great mind has always been active to engage with world leaders which reveal the path of strengthening foreign ties through his active diplomacy. PM’s new diplomatic strategy and cordial way of welcome to foreign and neighboring leaders has set an example of positive message for good relations with other nations that will make the ways for peace, trust, everlasting friendship and better ties.

Truthfulness, integrity, honesty, bravery, independence, great determination, true feelings to serve the country and transparency are the qualities that make a leader trustworthy and prominent in other world. The popularity of PM Imran Khan in the world as a leader has convinced the other leaders to reorganize their diplomatic relations, economic and developmental support towards Pakistan. PM’s message for global peace has encouraged and draws the attention of worldwide leaders including President Donald Trump who has already spoken to meet new leadership in Pakistan.

Imran Khan has conveyed a strong message for peace to international community by earlier handing over a captured pilot Abhinandan to Indian authorities at the Wagah border, with grace not only during his custody. It was aimed at de-escalating tensions between India, Pakistan and neighboring south Asian countries, but India likely did not stop brutal actions so far and responded in dissimilar way by sending dead bodies of Pakistani soldiers and attacking on LoC.

Moreover, new political leadership has also played an important role to build peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s military and political leaderships are standing together to compete the entire challenges whatsoever domestic or international. This civilian and military cooperation has produced a trust and harmony among public for better understanding all issues and inculcating a positive hope.

In the past, there was no intention and inspiration to improve Pakistan’s foreign relations and policy, even the previous government had not appointed their foreign minister to work on proper foreign relations and Pakistan had been isolated in the international community due to many reasons in which the incidents of terrorism and extremism are prominent.

Imran Khan has organized the norms and values in parliament through the implementation of laws and rules, as he did not allow any guilty person to hold public office and has taken his or her resign immediately after the declaration of any member as unqualified by court.

Undoubtedly, new government has challenges in many developmental sectors which definitely required time and hard work of sincere team. Certainly, PM’s foreign policy approach is productive and dynamic. If you go back in the personal history of PM Imran Khan, then you will get to know that he is the man of words and had great determination to achieve his goals and objectives.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s opening efforts to deal with corruption are commendable and without doubt, he had carried out a demanding anti-corruption campaign, strict accountability and a crackdown against the people who looted Pakistan. This determination has made all the institutions more active and works on this campaign for the corruption free Pakistan. These efforts have brought him as a great leader and developed a trust in global leaders for improved foreign relations that will bring investment in Pakistan.

New political government under the leadership of PM Imran Khan is performing extraordinary and has so many challenges to win. It takes time to bring reforms and change. PM Imran Khan can deliver so much if their team starts to work with sincerity, work through their differences and resolve personal problems strategically. If Prime Minister can work through differences to build peace and cordial relations with other nations then definitely team needs to rethink and would start with new passions. Every government has set good examples along with their mistakes including not only taking so many loans, increasing goods prices and inflation so far. All these things were happened because of corruption and uncertainty and opposition has always criticizes the current government but Pakistan’s political environment has changed now and public is more conscious to choose their true leaders.

We hope new political leadership will bring a developmental progress while working through their differences for a positive change.

*Tariq Khan is an expert on international affairs and non-profit professional who has focused on the issues of international importance. He has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, doing everything from research, communications and leadership to project development. Currently, he is the founder and chairman at PINPOINT institute a research and dialogue based think tank in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is also founder of International Unity Forum (IUF) and Islamabad Chapter President at Euphrates Institute (California, USA).