Albania: Artan Shabani’s Commitment In Forging Cultural Diplomacy – OpEd


The Cultural Diplomacy of Albania has received a new impetus and innovative environment with the impressive art work of Artan Shabani, a renowned painter who has brought closer the city of Vlora with the United Arab Emirates and other European nations.

Artan Shabani has represented Albania in some of the most important Art Ateliers and galleries across Europe, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Asia. 

Shabani’s work in Istanbul, at the Mavi Kum Gallery entitled “Foreigners, ma non troppo” in 2008, introduced new images and vast concepts of modern European visual art in the Heart of Türkiye. 

Mr. Shabani’s paintings and versatile cultural engagement have emphasized genuine European cultural values in some of the principal urban centers of Eurasia and the Americas.

His leadership and determination have introduced new facets of European painting tradition in Istanbul, Dubai, Berlin, Rome, Lisbon, and Paris.   

In 2015, Mr. Shabani was the Curator of Tirana’s splendor uncovered in Kuwait; an art exhibition focused on “Reflections from Albania”, displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, Kuwait City, Kuwait. 

In 2021-2022 Expo Dubai” “Mobility Albania Pavilion”; Commissioned by Sokol Nano; had Artan Shabani as a Curator in Dubai, UAE. 

Shabani has a demonstrated ability to promote Albanian talent, artistic potential, passion to promote national culture and he exemplifies the true European Aspirations of the Albanian people.

As a director of the National Art Gallery in Tirana (2013-2018), Shabani worked tirelessly to improve the cooperation among visual artists and painting tradition entered in a new era of engagement. Tirana invested and paid a greater focus in the national policy of arts across the nation, under his memorable guidance.  The Cultural Diplomacy of Albania was significantly expanded and took a vibrant, excellent global direction, while Mr. Shabani was at the helm of the National Art Gallery.  

The integration of arts initiatives, engagement and absorbing the cultural, ethnographic components in his paintings, have made Shabani a key contributor towards introducing the Albanian culture and painting in other nations.  Unlike any other modern visual artist, Shabani has enhanced European artistic trends and with his vitality in colors and reinvigorated style, we observe an outstanding degree of professionalism in his paintings and palette of colors.  Shabani’s paint brush represents a mosaic of all Albanian regions and countryside.

As a growing number of publications demonstrate, Shabani has shaped a new dimension of cultural partnerships crossing continents: Tirana and Dubai are impressively closer and have a cultural bondage thanks to his vision and hard work.  Shabani’s Multiculturalist spirit, has reached new heights of inspiration while bringing closer the legendary stature and grandeur of Istanbul into the Shores of Ionian Sea, with his determination and impeccable art.

These arts-based initiatives manifest a wide array of aesthetic design that is shaped by Shabani across the amazing metropolitan labyrinths of Europe and his work emanates a great professional accomplishment; his unbridled passion simply represents Albania’s national aspirations of joining the European Union.  Tirana is ready to share with Brussels, its utmost political will and societal commitment to join this extraordinary alliance of values, democracies, and effective structure of public policies.  

Albania’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy has acquired a new pillar of engagement and that is the Intensive Cultural Diplomacy shaped by Artan Shabani’s tireless work in forging ties with many Eurasian nations through his passion for visual arts and international engagement with his painting.  Therefore his legacy will further perforate the diplomatic actions of Tirana and continue to remain as a milestone in Albania’s modern diplomacy and cultural heritage.   

Peter Tase

Peter Tase is a freelance writer and journalist of International Relations, Latin American and Southern Caucasus current affairs. He is the author of America's first book published on the historical and archeological treasures of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (Republic of Azerbaijan); has authored and published four books on the Foreign Policy and current economic – political events of the Government of Azerbaijan. Tase has written about International Relations for Eurasia Review Journal since June 2012.

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  • April 5, 2023 at 4:31 pm

    A great artist and cultural friend of the M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut in Tirana, where one of his donated work is well displayed in its premises.


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