Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Orders Ambassador To Return To Egypt


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz has ordered Saudi ambassador to Egypt to resume his work in Cairo by next Sunday, said a Saudi official. He also ordered the reopening of Saudi Arabia’s two consulates in Alexandria and Suez, the official added.

The orders came after the King received at his palace here today a top level Egyptian delegation led by the Speakers of the two chambers of the Egyptian parliament, the People’s Assembly and Al-Shoura Council, Dr. Mohammed Sa’ad Al-Katatni and Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, respectively, in addition to a number of these two chambers, prominent political leaders and representatives of various Egyptian segments.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques addressed the audience, pointing to the common shared history between the two countries which is based on the unity of religion and mutual support to guarantee the prevalence of right, thus such a relation is neither an easy page to be spoiled, nor it is disputable, compromising priority, nor it is exposed to any act that may cancel or downgrade it.

This relation is based on basis of respect of difference but not on basis of rivalry. The admonition between the brethren is as a wider door to allow rationality and awareness. This fact may permit duplication to pass and mar it. Let me announce that Egypt, with its sorrows, wishes and ambitions is at the heart of the Kingdom, and vice versa, the King remarked.

Dear brethren, what happened, recently and marred the relations between the two countries, is hearting to any honorable Saudi and Egyptian citizen, and our decision to recall the ambassador and to close the embassy were made to protect its employees against any unacceptable consequences, the King added.

From the Kingdom of King Abdulaziz, I tell you that we are happy at your presence as it reflects the noble ethics stemming from our Islamic creed, welcome to your country, government and people, and against this noble stance, I have nothing to say but to tell you that we will not allow this passing crisis to be prolonged, and I am hopeful that the Egyptian and Saudi media will took a noble stance and say what is good or keep silent, the King concluded.

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