The EU’s Immigration Crisis And The Parody Of Human Rights – OpEd


By Alireza Aghaei*

Europe is currently grappling with the biggest wave of immigration it has faced since the end of the World War II. In all websites and news networks, the main headlines consist of photos, videos and reports related to immigrants who are storming Europe. Women, men, and children who have no land, accept many risks due to their fear of myriad nightmares that have a firm chokehold on territories which are apparently not destined to see peace, in order to reach the apparently civilized Europe. These people have been driven out of their homes and are now stuck behind the borders of the European countries. The people, who up to a few years ago had a life in their own country, are now in need of a morsel of bread charitably given to them out of pity by well-nourished Europeans.

I don’t know how many European people had traveled to Syria before it was plagued with the cancerous tumor of ISIS. I don’t know how many of them had toured the Syrian cities of Aleppo or Damascus; the cities that were known as brides of the Middle East, or at least one of the brides of the Middle East. How many of these condescending European people who look down on these immigrants with humiliation had already seen and sensed the grandeur of these cities up-close? A short while ago and before this catastrophe, Aleppo, Damascus and many other cities, which have been reduced to ruins, were more beautiful, more advanced, more cultured, and more pleasant places than many cities in such countries as Hungary and Poland. Now, the people who built these historical civilizations must tolerate the worst treatment behind the borders of apparently civilized European countries in the hope of regaining the peace that murderers have stolen from them.

Today, few, if any, people are not aware that Europe is faced with a crisis of immigrants. However, the most prominent issue that is receiving the least attention is the human rights crisis in a continent that has big claims to being an advocate of human rights. The coffins containing the bodies of 71 passengers, seventy one women, men and children, whose dead bodies were found at the back of a truck, are still at the morgue. Will Vienna and its starry nights and it sound of music experience ease of mind again after this incident? There is also Hungary, which is considered among second-hand European countries in the continent, but is guarding its borders so tight against a bunch of homeless people that an unknowing observer might think what an amazing territory is hidden behind these high border barriers and barbed-wire fences.

It would be helpful for this country to revisit its contemporary history following the World War II and remind its people that in a not-so-far past they lived in a situation similar to current predicament of these homeless and immigrant people. Anyway, the immigration crisis has once more flaunted the basic voids and flaws of the global human rights law in the face of European and global politicians; the voids for which these homeless people are atoning with their lives. When the apparently civilized world would wake up from its slumber?

Source: Arman Daily
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

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