Syria: Funeral For Mufti Son Held


The funeral on Monday was held for the son of the grand mufti of Syria, shot dead along with a history professor on Sunday near the city of Aleppo. On Sunday, unknown gunmen assassinated Dr. Mohammad al Omar a professor at Aleppo University and the private University of “Ebla”. He was travelling with Saria Hassoun, son of the Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun. Saria Hassoun was pronounced dead at National Hospital in Idleb.

A source at the police headquarters Idleb conveyed that ” Gunmen traveling in a car ambushed the vehicle of Omar near the University of Ebla on the road between Idleb and Aleppo. They sprayed the car which led to the killing of Omar.

The Syrian authorities accused armed “terrorist” groups in Homs for the assassination of Dr. Hassan Eid, head of thoracic surgery at the National Hospital on September 25 and engineer Aws Abdul-Karim Khalil, a specialist in nuclear engineering.

The state news agency SANA also reported on Sunday that “armed terrorist groups” had killed five members of the security forces near the city of Hama, and had used explosives to derail a train in the north-western province of Idleb.

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