Syrian Soldiers Killed By Turkish Bombing Near Border


Syrian soldiers were killed late Wednesday night and early Thursday during bombing by the Turkish army on a position of the Syrian army on the border between Syria and Turkey, according to a Syrian NGO. The number of soldiers killed has not been clarified.

The Turkish military has targeted a Syrian army position in the area of Rasm al-Ghazal, near the town of Tell al-Abyad, said Thursday the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) in a statement.

Tensions between Syria and Turkey, who supports Syrian insurgents have experienced a sharp escalation Wednesday night when several shells struck the Turkish Akcakale town, located just across the Syrian border post of Tell al-Abyad.

A few hours later, after a meeting with his closest advisers, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Turkish army had bombed in retaliation several “targets”, which he did not identify, located on Syrian territory.

The Syrian Minister of Information, Omran Zoabi, for his part, announced the opening of an investigation into the origin of cross-border shelling and offered the condolences of Syria “to the families and friends’ victims and the entire Turkish people. “

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