Saudi Arabia: 1,066 Women Candidates Involved In Municipal Elections


A total of 7,600 candidates are in fray for municipal council elections. Judeh Al-Qahtani, president of the executive committee of municipal elections, said 1,066 of them are women.

He said the scrutiny of the candidates’ papers would take some time. “The final list will be published in two months,” he said. Al-Qahtani said there had been no challenges, either for candidates or voters.

He said the poll campaigns would begin from Nov. 29. He clarified that there are three types of licenses: A, B, C. “The first, A, is a comprehensive license which allows the holder to have election headquarters, use advertising tools and media methods and also hold meetings, lectures and seminars.

“License B candidates can set up election headquarters, use advertising tools and hold meetings, lectures and seminars while the third type of license C can only use media tools and hold meetings, lectures and seminars,” he said. The A license costs SR500, B SR300 and C SR200.

He said after checking the electoral rolls, the number of voters, which initially stood at 1.7 million, is expected to go down.

The local election committee in the Eastern Province stressed the importance of abiding by the conditions and regulations of the election campaign lists. Candidates should begin applying for their advertising campaigns to the local committee within 15 days of the preliminary publication of candidates’ lists.

Arab News

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