Pakistan Is Just A Game And I Am The Player – OpEd


The bombshell that exploded in the shape of two audio leaks of Imran Khan clearly shows his intention and his loyalty for the country. He can be heard saying “sirf khelna ha ispe” (we just have to play with it) talking about the so-called cypher. In the first audio leak he can be heard clearly planning to create a chaos in the country by twisting the diplomatic notes of a conversation between a US government official and Pakistan’s Ambassador in US into a threat letter (cypher). 

It has been proven after these leaks that ex PM Imran Khan tried to use his constitutional appointment to sabotage the diplomatic relations of Pakistan. The second audio leak again exposed the malicious designs of the ex-PM and his party leaders where he plans to make fool of the public by asking to call the diplomatic transcript ‘a threat letter’. Incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan while talking about the audio leaks of Imran Khan said; “Imran Niazi wasted five months of the nation by concocting lies and propaganda about his successor government, however, his own audio leaks exposed his fraudulence.” “Imran Khan called the politicians as traitors, however, in reality, it was he who betrayed the nation”, added the PM.

With time IK has proven himself to be an erratic personality boosted with ego who simply wants to shove his rhetoric down the throat of everyone and manipulated  his power just to save his government by putting the national image at stake. The way former PM hurls rebellious slogans to spread anarchy and use religion with an ‘Islamic touch’ in his speeches clearly indicates he is on a dangerous path. 

PTI as a political party is following a cult discourse just to regain power but there are no solid plans to overcome the issues Pakistan is currently facing. The party has skillfully utilized the power of social media to gain a populist image as the only saviour of Pakistan. The followers were ingeniously radicalized against the leadership of other political parties and Armed Forces to establish a confirmation bias that Imran Khan is the only honest leader who will flourish Pakistan when given the power. 

People were made to be involved so much in this political maneuver that they forgot to ask PTI questions about maga alleged corruption scandals like Ring Road Rawalpindi, embezzlement in jobs, elections rigging, land grabbing, bribery and much more especially in the province of Punjab. Performance of Imran Khan being the Prime Minister of Pakistan was not satisfactory either. Including economy, Pakistan suffered on all fronts; governance, foreign policy and meeting international commitments. An unprecedented amount of loan was taken from different international stake holders but no tangible progress was made. Let alone the country, the province of KPK governed by PTI is under huge debt even to-date. Until 2013, KPK had just 97 billion of foreign loan and today it has exceeded 887.97 billion. 66 years of other political parties, foreign debt accumulated to 97 Billion rupees and 9 years of PTI government foreign debt is already touching 791 Billion. Pakistan for Imran Khan and PTI as a whole is just a game and they are playing with it and its people. The main plan is to regain the power and rule the masses with no strategy shared to revive the devastated economy and disrupted diplomatic channels. Anarchist in Chief having lost the battle of narratives is all set to create anarchy and unrest in the country no matter what remains the cost for Pakistan and its people.

Humais Sheikh is an independent Defence Analyst based in Islamabad. He has completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.

Humais Sheikh

Humais Sheikh, has completed his Master’s from Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad in Defense and Strategic studies. He is an independent defense analyst and Ex. Vice president of Defense and Strategic Studies student’s society.

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