Morocco: Interactive Radio, TV And Social Media To Enhance True Values Of Islam – OpEd


Inspirational Islamic quotes and sayings of the prophet Mohammed are there to uplift those Muslims who feel drifted away from the true Islam teachings based on respect, understanding and tolerance. Muslims refer themselves to those sayings while seeking inspirations when life challenges them. They enable them to reflect on themselves, fix that broken heart, understand Allah’s teachings. However, and on many occasions, people come across, hear or read on Facebook false interpretations of the Prophet Mohammad’s teachings and sometimes used them to justify violence, misdeeds or even to adapt an extremist ideology. Unfortunately, there is no interactive way to correct those false conceptions among the worshippers especially among the youth. For this reason, a program of interactive radio, TV and social media was initiated today in Morocco to enlighten people concerning the authentication of the prophet’s tradition and words, and their protection as a second source of Islam.

On this occasion, King Mohammed VI approved the recording and broadcasting of the inaugural lecture given by secretary general of the higher Ulema council, professor Mohamed Yssef.

This program seeks to develop the religious unit of the Moroccan nation and shield it against attempts to falsify the tradition and words of prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The higher Ulema council and the Al-Quarwiyine University (Dar Al-Hadith Al-Hassaniya) are tasked with the scientific implementation of this program. The broadcasting and the technical side will be the charge of the Mohammed VI TV channel for holy Quran “Assadissa” and the Radio Mohammed VI of the Holy Quran.

The lectures will either provide guidance by a Hadith expert or be interactive given by a similar expert accompanied by a TV or radio host to answer questions by the audience on the degree of the authenticity of Hadiths.

These lectures will be broadcast simultaneously on Assadissa TV channel, Radio Mohammed VI of the Holy Quran, the internet and social networks. The program will scrutinize uses of the “hadith” – accounts of the sayings, actions or habits of the Prophet that are used to support teachings and edicts on all aspects of life and will offer people an opportunity to interact directly with scholars ask all types of questions to clarify religious topics but most importantly to authenticate the Hadith. The Moroccan qualified scholars will then eliminate fake and extremist texts and any texts that contradict the teachings of Islam.

Morocco is continuing to promote its moderate version of Islam as a counterweight to the widening of extremist ideologies that do not hesitate to falsify Hadith to attract more followers among the youth. This new interactive program will play its role in disseminating enlightened religious precepts and in combating extremism and reclusiveness – which Islam does not embrace in any way – but which are advocated by some clerics, in the name of Islam.

This new program aims to instill the values of Morocco’s open, moderate form of Islam, based on the Maliki rite and Sunni Sufism. It is an additional link in the chain of moves initiated by Morocco to consolidate moderate Islam in among youths and preserve them from grips of extremism and radicalization that result only in havoc and chaos.

A well-timed Royal initiative that aims to disseminate the true values of Islam: tolerance, coexistence and true love contrasting starkly with radical “takfirist” ideology.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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