Brazil: Federal Supreme Court Orders Reactivation Of The Amazon Fund


The Federal Supreme Court (STF) of Brazil determined this Thursday (3) that the federal government reactivate the Amazon Fund, created to raise funds and finance measures to protect the environment in the region. According to the Court’s decision, the Union will have 60 days to comply with the measure.

The trial of the issue began in October of this year and was concluded in this afternoon’s session. Last week, the plenary formed a majority to determine the reactivation of the fund.

The Court judged a declaratory action of omission to guarantee the operation of the fund. The lawsuit was filed in June 2020 by opposition parties, including the PT, PSB, and PSOL, as well as entities linked to the defense of the environment. They all ask the Supreme Court to recognize the alleged omission of the federal government in implementing measures to release R$1.5 billion in resources from the fund.

Created in 2008, the fund receives donations from international institutions and governments to finance actions to prevent and combat deforestation in the Legal Amazon. In 2019, Germany and Norway suspended transfers to new projects after the Brazilian government made suggestions to change the application of resources and extinguished collegiate management of the fund.


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