Farage Says ‘Liberal Elite’ Over-Reacted To Trump’s Anti-Muslim Tweets


Nigel Farage insisted Sunday the “liberal elite” had over-reacted to Donald Trump’s decision to re-tweet Britain First insisting.

The ex-Ukip leader used an appearance on the BBC Andrew Marr Show to claim the reaction has been “out of all proportion” to the offense.

The President’s decision to re-tweet three messages from the far right Britain First group has been widely condemned.

The episode has triggered the worst public clashes between U.S. and U.K. leaders in memory. Prime Minister Theresa May launched a rare direct attack on Trump, branding him “wrong” for his tweets – prompting a bizarre cross-Atlantic spat.

The row took a turn for the bizarre when Trump attempted to reply directly to May on Twitter – only to send his message to the wrong Theresa May account.

Other critics even claimed Trump should be arrested when he next visits Britain and for his planned state visit to be canceled.

Education Secretary Justine Greening added to criticism today, warning any visit by Trump would not be “positive.”

Farage said today: “Do I think those tweets were in good taste? Not particularly, no.

“But the point is that the level of outrage from the liberal elite in this country is out of all proportion with what happened here.”

He added: “Was the story about ISIS throwing people off buildings fake news? No. It wasn’t, it was true.”

Farage also repeated his claim to have “done more than anybody in this country to stop the rise of the far-right in Britain,” by giving BNP voters someone else to vote for.

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