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Albania’s Saimir Tahiri Sentencing: A Success According To Yuri Kim – OpEd


Albania continues to have a corrupt judiciary that has not delivered any considerable result in tackling organized crime and combating illegal activities among the country’s officials that have a growing influence.  Saimir Tahiri’s sentencing is not a success at all, Ambassador Kim, today you should have apologized also on behalf of former Ambassador Donald Lu’s statements, made years ago. 


Among the first to react after the sentencing of Albanian former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri was the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim.  In the wave of all reactions, which aim mostly to get the merits than to express the truth, Kim stated that no one is above the law.

“No more impunity,” Kim said through her brief message.

Talking about impunity on this day seems like a big joke.

The story of Saimir Tahiri is neither a thunder in a clear sky, nor can it be detached from the government of Edi Rama, on whom the main burden falls on what happened since the Socialist Party took power in 2013.

Just like in Honduras, by deceiving that they were fighting the drugs, they ‘managed’ to turn Albania into the first narco-state in Europe within a few years, if not within months. This is not our labeling, but it was the western media that were constantly reporting on how Albania was being filled with cannabis.


The only ones who were not speaking, even participating in the orgasmic parades of Edi Rama’s successes against drugs, were the foreign diplomats in Tirana.

The climax came when Italian justice was set in motion for Saimir Tahiri and then the first steps were taken by Albanian justice.  The American ambassador in Tirana at the time, Donald Lu, surprised the whole country when he gathered a group of young people and talked about the process against Saimir Tahiri.  He compared it to the trials that took place under communism.

Donald Lu talked so much about Spaç, Burrel and Qafë Bari (former Communist prisons) relating them to the case of Saimir Tahiri, that anyone who has suffered in those concentration camps would feel shocked, to say the least.

Tahiri left, but what he left behind, and which was relentlessly pursued by the government of Edi Rama, will have irreparable consequences.  Cannabis gave way to heroin, heroin to cocaine, and Albania became an operational hub for international trafficking.  In Brussels they know, but they never say it openly: Albania is not progressing towards integration because it is a danger to the security of European countries.  Crime, drugs and corruption that spread from the operational center in Albania to other countries are the main reason why we are labeled as a narco-state.

The only ones who continue not to talk about this issue are foreign diplomats, led by the US ambassador.  They even use tiny particles like Saimir Tahiri sentencing to talk about success.

Anyone who has reacted on social media and everywhere, has realized that Saimir Tahiri was sacrificed by Edi Rama.  He is the one who controls justice and makes the necessary concessions enough to make the internationals cheer for success.

But this is not a success at all.  Today should have been the day for Yuri Kim to apologize not only for Donald Lu’s statements, but also for the justice captured and commanded by Edi Rama.

A foreign pseudo-analyst wrote a few days ago that Sali Berisha’s gatherings of the people are drawing attention from the misgovernance.  According to him, now is the time for Edi Rama to show the world that he is fighting corruption.

The ball rose in the air, Rama hit it like in a volleyball game. He is handing over Saimir Tahiri’s head on a golden plate to the internationals so they may have a cause to speak and be proud of.  As long as the one who has built everything within the underground economy and dark corridors of organized crime, in Albania, must not be touched.

Tahiri’s sentencing is not a success!  This is a failure.

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