Iran Claims Sanctions Targeting People In EU Countries


Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says the sanctions imposed against Iran are actually targeting people in European countries.

“The expense and damage inflicted by sanctions and economic pressure imposed against Iran are targeting the people of Western states who are grappling with harsh economic crisis,” Salehi said.

The Iranian foreign minister went on to say that Tehran has managed sanctions against the country by maintaining its political independence in the international arena.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also said that Iran and the six world powers are weighing various options for determining the venue of the upcoming nuclear negotiations.

Salehi expressed optimism that the P5+1 — comprising of Russia, China, France, Britain, the US, and Germany — would announce its views about the venue of the talks in “a day or two.”

“The other party was due to announce its opinion last Sunday (February 16) about the … countries that expressed readiness to host the negotiations, but apparently they still haven’t arrived at a conclusion,” Salehi said.

“I personally prefer that the talks be held in Istanbul and as for the time of the talks I hope they are not that far away in the future,” he added.

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