Thailand: ‘Don’t Make Fun Of Muslims’, Says Prince


A crown prince yesterday criticised non-Muslims for “crossing the religious border” and making anti-Muslim statements.

Opening a Perak state assembly session in Ipoh, the regent of Perak, Nazrin Shah, said it was unacceptable that teachings of Islamic scholars to Muslims about their faith and sharia law “is being questioned and debated openly by non-Muslims.”

He said: “The etiquette of respecting and non-interfering in the affairs of other religions must be adhered,” the New Straits Times reported.

Non-Muslims must not continue to “make fun” of Islamic laws and Muslims’ faith, said Shah.

Islam remains protected by the constitution “with special and absolute status” but that does not cause Muslims to become “arrogant” twoards those of other faiths, he said.

Muslims avoid making comments or open criticism of other faiths and “don’t interfere in the practices and rituals of other religions,” said Shah.

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2 thoughts on “Thailand: ‘Don’t Make Fun Of Muslims’, Says Prince

  • April 5, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    I think Nazrin should not be too sensitive about this issue. Non-Muslims don’t make fun about Muslims. They seem to do it themselves. Islam’s name has been tarnished by many Muslims. What is Islam is a question Muslims are asking themselves? There is an internal war within Islam. Is it Shiite, Sunni, Wahabism, Muhammadiyah or something else like Ahmadiyah?

    So don’t point fingers at Non-Muslims. Infact the suggestion that Non-Muslims are making Anti-Muslim sentiments is rather strange. If a Sunni said something about Malaysian Muslims would that be crossing the border or what about the Ahmadiyah saying something like that.

    Nazrin is politizing Islam before the elections. All Malaysians make fun of the royalty and politicians. Malaysian can be Muslims and Non-Muslims. Look at the gamblers, fornicators and murderers within the royalty. We all see the corruption and thievery of politicians like Mahathir, Daim, Sharizat, Nazri, Badawi and Najib. Unfortunately, people laugh because these people who are the so called stewards of the Muslim religion are CORRUPTED.

    So when Malaysian talk about CORRUPTION and ROYALTY and POLITICIANS-it happens that most of them are Muslims and I am not stereo-typing –it’s a FACT! Laugher comes from the OBEDIENT WIVES CLUB and organization promoted by the Muslim organizations to commit polygamy. I thought that went out after the Arabian nights in the 12 Th century?

    So no one is laughing at Muslims –it’s the policies that we laugh at! I suggest that you raise these points as leader of the Muslims in your state least you be abetting this dreadful trend!

  • April 5, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Noone should offend or laugh at any faith in any way anywhere.
    The dialogue is necessary as the goal of a common growth in peace and comprehention is good for everyone everywhere. Knowledge is essential.
    As Salamu Aleikum, Seaseon greetings (Pasqua 2012)


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