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EU’s Mogherini Meets with Talat Xhaferi, Macedonia’s President Of Assembly


Federica Mogherini, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, met Thursday afternoon with Talat Xhaferi, newly-elected President of the Assembly of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as part of his first official visit abroad.

In the discussion, High Representative Mogherini repeated the EU’s strong condemnation of last week’s violence in the Parliament against MPs and journalists.

Mogherini welcomed the election of Talat Xhaferi as a President of the Assembly by the majority of MPs, stressing that this is a role that needs to be above party and inter-ethnic politics, with the President of the Assembly working for the benefit of all citizens and communities.

Mogherini said that the EU is ready to work with him, the parliament and all other institutions to advance the Urgent Reform Priorities as well as the Pržino Agreement implementation.

The High Representative and the Speaker also looked at the way forward. The EU expects all political parties to engage constructively in the political process, including on government formation, and in the work of the new parliament.

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One thought on “EU’s Mogherini Meets with Talat Xhaferi, Macedonia’s President Of Assembly

  • May 5, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Desperation is setting in because of the failed Antiquization policy that was imposed upon the country by Gruevski and Ivanov. The Antique ultra nationalist Slavs are so deluded with their fantasy of an Ancient Macedonian utopia that they failed to realize there are more races living  in this partitioned Yugoslav land than Bulgarian speaking Slavs who are attempting to falsify history. When a country is built on unstable foundations as this one is there is no positive future. The place was doomed when they allowed a  historically uneducated ultra nationalist Todor Petrov  to design their original flag. It infuriated the Greeks. The star of Vergina is a Greek historical symbol. They were made to change it. The same ultra nationalist Bulgarian speaking Slavs are at the core of the Skopje 2014 Antiqization program. Did anyone stop and ask the ethnic Albanians what they wanted on the flag of this new nation. Did anyone bother to ask the Albanians what they wanted this new nation to be called. Did anyone ask the Greeks if they would  give their permission for the name Macedonian to be used in their nation’s name seeing that 100% of all Ancient Macedonian lies in Greece and in fact is Greek. Did anyone ask the Bulgarians permission for their national heroes Dalchev & Gruev to be used n this nations history. Did anyone ask the Greeks permission to use Alexander the Greek in their falsified history books. Did anyone ask the Albanians permission to use Mother Theresa as a national figure in this illegitimate nations history. 

    Name change needs to occur if there is to be any reconciliation between the Bulgarian speaking Slavs, The Albanians and their neighbors. The flag needs to be changed to a more appropriate non Hellenic symbol. The distorted school curriculum needs to be changed to a historically correct one. The brainwashing of this nation has irreparably damaged it on an international stage. There will be no inclusions – EU/UN/NATO, all will shun it unless it comes out of the cold and changes the historically distorted rhetoric. The VMRO are cultural criminals. Their legacy is a crumbling facade of grotesques baroque style structures erected in the name of history. 

    the Bulgarian speaking Slavs blame everyone but themselves. Greek, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, USA. EU – no one is exempt of their hate speech. they know what they have to do in order to exist within the world community. They need to apologize to everyone that they have offended both culturally with their theft and emotionally with their racism. Reconciliation can only be made possible if this occurs. The diaspora who along with the right wing deluded antiques of the VMRO have to change their way of thinking. It’s become so toxic that they will be killing their own soon. The looming civil war which on the cards will not only pit Albanian against Slav but also Antique and Slav. They have nothing to lose for it was never going to be a nation with an exclusivity to the name. They have everything to gain. 

    Partition seems likely but i do hope if it happens it does so peacefully without bloodshed. The Albanians have conducted themselves gracefully during this entire process. Its Gruevski and his deluded Antiquization fried Slavs that are the criminals.  


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