Sinai: At Least 15 Egyptian Soldiers Killed In Attack


At least 15 Egyptian border guards were killed Sunday in an attack against a post located in the Sinai near the border between Egypt and Israel, medical and security sources said. Gunmen dressed as Sinai Bedouins arrived in two vehicles and opened fire on the post, according to a security official. The attack left 13 dead, according to medical sources. Between 13 to 15 died, according to a security official who also reported seven wounded.

The gunmen have also seized an armored vehicle belonging to the border guards, according to this source. The attack occurred near the Karm Abu Salem crossing, located between Egypt and Israel.


Egypt’s official MENA news agency reported an attack by unknown armed men against a barrier in the region of Al-Massoura in Sinai, and a shootout between them and the police. The agency confirmed the deaths but without providing the toll.

Sinai, where the most beautiful tourist resorts are located, is populated largely by Bedouins, who were marginalized under the former Mubarak regime. Since its downfall, the security situation has deteriorated.

Last month, two Egyptian soldiers were killed by suspected Islamist militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The attack was carried out at dawn by four gunmen with automatic weapons near the Sheikh Zouwaid town, some 15 miles from the Gaza border. It came after Islamist militants had distributed leaflets calling the army to leave the north of the peninsula where it was deployed to restore security. The Egyptian army had sent tanks and men to this region last year after receiving permission from Israel for such a deployment.

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