Iran Refutes Claims Plotting Against Kuwait’s Security


By Khalid Kazimov

Iran has dismissed Kuwaiti media reports accusing Tehran of establishing relations with outlaw groups to carry out the actions that would undermine the Arab country’s security.

“The accusations made in Kuwait against Iran are totally unfounded and if there is any problem in Kuwait it has nothing to do with Tehran,” the ISNA news agency quoted Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for African and Arab Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian as saying Sept. 5.

He said those disliking relations between Iran and Kuwait stand behind the accusations, adding that Iran cares only for the security of Kuwait as a neighbor and friend.

“We consider the security of Kuwait as the security of Iran,” he noted.

Kuwaiti media recently claimed a relation between Tehran and a group of individuals who were detained by Kuwait’s judicial authorities on charges of spying for Iran and the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

On Sept. 1, Kuwait charged 24 people, including one Iranian, with “spying for… Iran and Hezbollah to carry out aggressive acts against the State of Kuwait” by smuggling in and assembling explosives, as well as possessing firearms and ammunition.

Iran’s Embassy in Kuwait slammed the accusations and criticized the Kuwaiti government for not making any official announcement on the matter.

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