Indra Signs €109 Million Contract For Digitization Of Italian Public Administration


The temporary joint venture comprised of Indra, the Italian companies Almaviva (main contractor of the JV) and Almawave, and PwC has been awarded lot 4 of the public tender for the Public Connectivity System (PCS), the major digital transformation and connection project across different public administrations in Italy.

Indra is one of the world’s top consulting and technology companies, the absolute leader in IT in Spain, and a technology partner for the key operations of its customers’ businesses worldwide.

It’s estimated that the awarded lot will reap €109 million in revenues for Indra in five years, if the different public administrations deploy the total projects planned within the framework agreements. To this figure we must also add €77 million corresponding to Indra’s participation in lot 3, which raise revenues for the company to a total of €186 million.

Lot 4 contemplates the development of web portals and online services, including access from mobile devices using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to offer citizens digital services in line with the specifications defined by the Agency for the Digitalization of Italy (AgID). This new contract is added to lot 3 awarded last April to develop solutions for systems integration between applications of the Italian public administrations.

Both projects have been awarded by Consip, the public procurement central of the Italian public administrations, which has evaluated the offers presented by the joint venture, in accordance with the guidelines established by AgID. These are framework contract tenders, which entails their materialization into different contracts with each public administration at central, local and regional levels.

These initiatives will enable the Italian administration to speed up citizens’ access to public services through new digital channels and offer more transparent, standardized information. Likewise, they will contribute to savings of costs and time, and will allow for providing user-focused end services while avoiding duplicated information.

Indra will implement both projects with the support of Minsait, its digital transformation unit, supplying experts to provide support from the company offices in Rome, Milan, Naples and Matera. These are two of the largest contracts won in recent years in Europe by the consulting and technology company.

The Public Connectivity System is the main digital development and connection project of Italian public administrations. The system’s objective is to guarantee the coordination of digital data and information between central, local and regional administrations, promote the standardization of data processing and transmission for information exchange and dissemination across public administrations, and implement integrated services.

The PCS tenders are comprised of four lots: lots 1 and 2, awarded in 2016; and lots 3 (for a total amount of €400 million in five years) and 4 (valued at €450 million in five years), awarded to the joint venture composed of Indra, Almaviva, Almawave and PwC. Lot 1 includes the provision of Cloud services (Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service), with the goal of centralizing and optimizing costs associated with the datacenters of Italy’s public administrations. Lot 2 includes the digital identity systems that grant citizens secure access to all of the services of Italy’s public administrations through a single portal.

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