When Nature Came Back To The Cities


The heatwaves we are going through this summer are just one of the extreme weather conditions caused by the climate challenges. The heavy urbanization worldwide causes pollution, floods, biodiversity loss and many other environmental issues.

As URBAN GreenUP, our aim is to develop, apply and validate a methodology to mitigate the effects of climate change, improve air and water quality, increase the sustainability of our cities through innovative Nature-Based Solutions.

In these digital pages you will be able to discover the actions taken by the frontrunner cities of the URBAN GreenUP project, Valladolid in Spain, Liverpool in the UK, and Izmir in Turkey, as well as the results of the project, described in detail. The three cities tackle environmental issues by implementing Nature-Based Solutions and by raising awareness among the citizens.

You will also notice that implementing these solutions in only three cities would not be sufficient and the cities around the world must adapt them as well, therefore the project has developed the methodology titled ‘renaturing urban plan’ and it is already being successfully tested in URBAN GreenUP follower cities: Ludwigsburg in Germany, Mantova in Italy, Medellin in Colombia, Qui Nhon in Vietnam, and Chengdu in China.

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