Ashton Encourages Implementation Of Peace Roadmap Following Somalia Bomb


The spokesman of Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, said, “The High Representative expresses her distress at the suicide bomb attack that killed more than 60 people and wounded dozens more near the Ministry of Education in Mogadishu.”

In a statement issued Wednesday, the spokesman said that Ashton “is saddened by the news that, among the many innocent victims, a number were students and parents who were waiting for results of scholarships.”

“This attack, for which Al-Shabaab has reportedly claimed responsibility, is the latest example of the suffering of the Somali people at the hands of a group of terrorists which refuses to engage in the peace process,” the statement continued.

According to the spokesman, “The High Representative recalls that the peace process was recently given a boost by the signature by the Transitional Federal Institutions and other Somali parties of a ‘Roadmap for ending the transition’. She encourages them in their efforts to implement this agreement.”

Additionally, the spokesman said Ahton praised “the commitment and bravery of the AMISOM troops who, together with the security forces of the Transitional Federal Government, took part in rescue operations following the attacks. She recalls that many AMISOM troops have paid with their lives as they help to build security for the Somali people.”

The High Representative reaffirmed the EU’s support for a reform process that will bring peace to all of Somalia, the spokesman said.

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