Greece Protests To Disrupt Public Services


A strike in Greece has forced most commercial airlines to cancel flights to and from Athens.

Protesters are continuing demonstrations and work stoppages in a show of displeasure with Athens’ latest austerity plan.

Greek officials expect Wednesday’s strike to impact many public services. Aegean Air said all Wednesday flights have been cancelled as air traffic controllers join the work stoppage. Bus and rail disruptions are also expected.

Protestors blocked the entrance to several government buildings Tuesday, including the Greek finance and labor ministries.

Demonstrators said they did not want to lose their jobs or have their pay reduced as a part of expanding austerity measures meant to appease international credit lenders and stave off a further economic crisis.

Members of the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund are trying to decide whether to release the next installment of funds. Before releasing further funds the international community is looking for signs of significant reductions by the Greek government.

Greece announced Sunday that it will miss debt reduction goals by nearly one-percent.


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