UK To Seize Back Powers From Brussels When ‘Right Moment’ Arises – Hague


The UK Government will try to seize back powers from Brussels when the “right moment” arises, the Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday.

He said the Eurozone had become a “burning building with no exits” but insisted the UK had to help “quench the flames” as our interests were too closely tied to its future.

In a speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, northern England, Hague told activists, “It is now acknowledged that when we said that joining the euro would be a disaster for Britain, we were right.”

“When we said that Labour should not have let us get sucked into the Eurozone bailouts, we were right, and now thanks to David Cameron European bailouts for Greece will not call on the British taxpayer,” Hague said.

“When we said that the costs of the EU budget were out of control we were right, and now we have had unprecedented success in bringing it under control,” Hague said, adding, “And when we said that no more areas of power should go to the EU we were right. And now thanks to the European Union Act 2011, by law that cannot happen without a referendum.”

“We are just as right that the EU has more power in our national life than it should, and I believe as strongly as I ever have that when the right moments come this party should set out to reduce it,” Hague said.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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