Bolton: ‘Iran Has Been World’s Central Banker For Terrorism Since 1979’


President Donald Trump’s national security adviser outlined the administration’s long-awaited counterterrorism strategy on Thursday and offered harsh words for Iran.

John Bolton called Iran the “central banker of international terrorism.” He said the strategy will rely on military and nonmilitary means to fight extremists, focusing on Daesh militants as well as those backed by Iran and other groups.

Bolton said the US wants to isolate militants from their supporters, modernize tools to counter them, protect US infrastructure and stymie recruitment efforts.

The plan that Trump has approved also calls for strengthening border control, limiting militants’ ability to recruit online and sharing the burden with allies.

It is the first US strategy on counterterrorism since President Barack Obama released his approach in 2011.

Bolton said that the US’ objective is that “there would be no waivers for purchasers of Iranian crude,” and that the US could look at possible cuts leading to zero.

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One thought on “Bolton: ‘Iran Has Been World’s Central Banker For Terrorism Since 1979’

  • October 7, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Iran didin’t just became a banker of international terrorism overnight but the US coercive approach to bend Iran to accept its demands was seen as an aberration and therefore resorted to resist all moves to isolate Iran from the world stage as a sovereign nation. In my opinion as long as Israel remains in the middle of Arab countries Iran can never be comfortable talkless of allowing her have nuclear weapon. However, recent military activities and political statements by Ayatollah at the UN proves that Iran can do anything to Israel not minding whatever kind of sanctions put on Iran. Iran was an empire before USA and all developed countries and therefore would not bend to US demands except UN demands and diplomatically Donald Trump is not helping matters by putting US on top of UN, although US refused all manners of diplomatic resolution in 2011 when she waged war against Irag and Afghanistan and this singular action would not be allowed to repeat itself again because rather than solving terrorism created more enemies and non state actors around the world. This is seen as an advantage to non state actors using current evolution in technological advancement to be silent but working in their local Laboratories and will soon surprise the world . Remember every has the chips to make a drone with simple imagination and no nation has the monopoly of technology especially in our current global reality. USA and Israel should use wide diplomacy than coercion in solving Irag Nuclear standoff or else WWIII is eminentM and the entire mankind will feel it.


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