Indra Invests In The Overview Effect To Drive Transition Towards Company Sustainability


Within the global context marked by the 2030 agenda, the European Green Deal and the European Recovery Plan, Indra is committed to the relationship between technology, digitalisation and sustainability as a major pillar of the future of companies and institutions. 

Indra has increased its capacity to add value to organisations in aspects related to sustainability by acquiring a majority stake in The Overview Effect (, a company specialising in driving innovation to increase companies’ sustainability by connecting global challenges and business models and boosting the capacity of organisations to generate systemic solutions to the social and environmental challenges facing our planet. 

The Overview Effect, a company founded by Nacho Rivera, an expert in sustainability and its impact on business models, and Ignacio Cabrera, the co-founder of Paradigma Digital, an Indra group company, relies on an excellent team of experts specialising in different fields of sustainability at a social, environmental and economic level. The combination of multi-disciplinary profiles with experience in the private sector and the academic field reflects its distinctive value proposition. 

The Overview Effect’s specific and differential capabilities related to sustainability complement Indra’s value proposition, which presents the market with a unique and distinctive offering covering all its end-to-end needs in terms of the transition towards sustainability of firms and institutions, ranging from strategic consultancy to the creation of prototypes and the development of technologies and products.

Indra will leverage its digital and technology leadership to scale the strategic and differential projects originating from The Overview Effect so as to help organisations to innovate in matters of sustainability. These new products and services will enable companies to achieve the sustainable growth of their business model, thus generating shared value, improving their connection with the consumer of the future and enhancing their ability to attract and retain talent.

Instead of being organised as industries, The Overview Effect is a company divided into missions. These missions address different global challenges to be resolved upon the basis of the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): 

  • Social equity: guaranteeing basic rights and equal opportunities for all people, particularly those in conditions of vulnerability. 
  • Health and well-being: increasing life expectancy, improving access to health and promoting well-being. 
  • Economic prosperity: promoting a sustainable economic and investment system that creates opportunities for all people to prosper. 
  • Circular economy: driving a circular economic system that ensures social progress without an increase in resource consumption. 
  • Sustainable territories: promoting more sustainable territories and cities while guaranteeing territorial cohesion. 
  • Climate and biodiversity: reducing the negative effects of climate change and protecting natural ecosystems and biodiversity. 

The Overview Effect connects these global challenges with the business models of companies in different sectors and uses innovation and technology as accelerators. The company has experience in heading processes involving a transition towards sustainability in the consumer sector, creating data-driven solutions to drive the energy transition and promoting sustainable financing platforms, among other projects. 

Cristina Ruíz, Indra’s Managing Director, states that “with this operation, Indra is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and reaffirming its pledge to talent and intrapreneurship models as part of its company culture. We’re convinced that digitalisation will play a key role in the transition towards a sustainable economic model, and our commitment to The Overview Effect demonstrates our pledge to complement our technological capabilities with specific and differential sustainability capacities. The Overview Effect will continue to be an independent company specialising in prototyping solutions with a positive impact that resolve social and environmental challenges. Indra will support them by providing access to customers and scaling its solutions by means of technology.”

Nacho Rivera, CEO of The Overview Effect, explains that “I firmly believe that our company’s real customer is the planet Earth, which is why we divide the company into missions and not industries. Mission-based thinking takes up the different global challenges to be overcome and promotes knowledge and innovation to create solutions that generate social, environmental and economic returns.” He also highlights what he regards as the most important factor in giving a real boost to the positive impact: “Sustainability has to go beyond long-term plans, the focus on regulatory compliance and mere risk management and drive innovation-based projects from a systemic and open standpoint so as to transform the business model and generate a positive impact. The challenge for companies is not so much having a long-term plan, it’s the execution of projects and the culture of the organisation.”

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