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Kuwait Refutes Story About Visa Ban


Kuwait has refuted a story published by Al Bawaba and shared widely earlier this week on social media by US President Donald Trump, Reuters reported.

The story, which originally appeared in The New Arab, said that a travel ban had been put in place for citizens applying for new visas from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan due to internal “instability,” according to an unnamed Kuwaiti official.

After the story went up on Al Bawaba, it was shared via Donald Trump’s official Facebook page, with Trump commenting that such a ban was “smart!” and garnered widespread attention online.

Kuwait’s foreign ministry has denied the report, saying it “categorically denies these claims and affirms that these reported nationalities … have big communities in Kuwait and enjoy full rights.” The remarks were published in state-owned news agency KUNA.

The original report indicated that citizens from the five countries, including Syrians, who already held visas to Kuwait, would be able to continue visiting or living in the country.

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  • February 6, 2017 at 11:23 am

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