Saudi Arabia: Every Day 20 People Die In 1,400 Traffic Accidents


In the first episode of its second season on Monday night, Naqdar, the popular YouTube program, spoke about the troubling “black statistics” of 1,400 traffic accidents daily in the Kingdom, resulting in 20 deaths per day, or one death every hour and 20 minutes.

The episode, titled “Play it Right,” reminded viewers that the decision is theirs as drivers to comply with traffic regulations and signals, control speed and drive safely.

The episode also pointed to statistics that indicate 30 percent of hospital beds are occupied by traffic accident victims, with 40,000 patients a year, and that 80 percent of physical impairments or disabilities are a result of traffic accidents. Financial losses per year reach SR13 billion, an amount that could build 14 large stadiums, such as Al-Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah.

The episode attributed the increasing number of traffic accidents to negligence, lack of responsibility or alertness, excessive speeding, violating traffic laws and lack of appreciation and value for the human soul.

“The idea of the second season was renewed, and unlike before, it focuses on presenting a real problem and backing it up with numbers and statistics that represent its magnitude,” said the program’s presenter, Badr bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi.

“As in the past season, we are focusing on providing solutions to any challenges or problems, and present some models for this, as we want to share the message that ‘we can’ put a positive imprint on our society and change wrong behaviors in our lives.”

He said the program offers an episode per month, and provides successful models and solutions to benefit youths.

The program has provided seven episodes of successful models and suggestions to benefit young men and women of the country. The messages focus on addressing difficulties and encouraging youths to stick their goals and succeed.

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