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The Impact Of ‘Bucha Massacre’ On Ukraine – OpEd


By Chan Kung*


The situation of Ukraine and its President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has undergone some subtle changes in the recent period of time. Without adequate observations and understandings of these changes, one will not be able to grasp the reasons and contexts behind the current circumstances.

The pressing issue for Ukraine now is to break new ground, so as to win further support and military assistance from Europe and the world. With the defeat of the Russian army in the battle of Kyiv and its withdrawal, the Ukrainian side is marching forward and taking one town after another. Therefore, the world is now focusing on negotiations and peace. Ukraine still wants to fight, and intends to regain more territories, but Germany, France, and even some in the United States are beginning to seek for peace. With this, they are pressuring Ukraine privately, a scenario that has led President Joe Biden to remark that peace negotiations must be made by the Ukrainians. On the other hand, in addition to NATO member and former EU country United Kingdom that provides clear and positive support for Ukraine, other European countries, especially Germany and France, which were very passive in the past, are now even more passive than ever on the issue of supplying further aid to Ukraine. Professional politicians are more often than not afraid of Russia, hence a new wave of military aid to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia have so far been unimplemented.

Taking Germany as an example, it even directly rejected Ukraine’s request for Marder infantry vehicles, claiming that these armored personnel carriers were bound by NATO obligations. Even when the German Federal Minister of Defense asked Germany not to use Russian oil and gas because of the war, the country’s ruling party firmly opposed it. In the case of Israel, the so-called ally of the United States, from the past to the present, has always opposed American policies, and now it is almost a reliable ally of Russia. Israel has now blocked Ukraine from using its own Pegasus software to spy on Russia. It even banned other countries from supplying Ukraine with any Israeli-made weapons. The world is becoming more and more negative, and this would certainly be advantageous for Russia.

On the Ukrainian side, President Zelenskyy speaks to the world every day, but he is facing the problem of having less and less materials at his disposal. Just as Ukraine was moving towards the dilemma where it needed to seek a “new breakthrough”, a video of the Ukrainian army shooting Russian prisoners emerged, which has led Zelenskyy to express that immediate investigations will be carried out. Then, the “Bucha Massacre” incident appeared.

The stupidity, recklessness and brutality of the Russian army will actually help Zelenskyy.


The Russian army involved in the incident has a long history. It is a group of peasant youths led by elite intellectuals, and has been in existence since the Tsarist era. This army’s military political work methods are old school, in that it would not support its soldiers and they will have to loot, at the same time it creates hatred and encourages the soldiers to kill.

To boost the morale of the army, it would reserve to looting, killing, and raping. The soldiers knew very well that they could be killed by others if they do all these, so they had to be ruthless. Such is Russian method of political work that inspires hatred. In fact, the Russian army has been like this since the Second World War, as they believe that victors would not be blamed. Since they uphold such thoughts, what happened in Bucha is anything but surprising.

The current “Bucha Massacre” provides Ukraine with unparalleled good material. This is a turning point for Zelenskyy to make the international community realize again that Russia is the real enemy of the world, not just the enemy of Ukraine. Russian army is the real neo-Nazi army that inflicts modern massacres, and it only obeys Vladimir Putin, Russia’s head of state. For such an army, war has only one outcome, and that is victory. With such realization, France, Germany, and Israel which are all rather passive, should change their attitude immediately and provide Ukraine the aid it needs.

Of course, Ukraine can make full use of the “Bucha Massacre”. Note that the keyword is “use”, not “make”. Those are two completely different logics, contexts and facts. Here, “using” the incident is a strategy, while “making” or “manufacturing” it is a crime. Therefore, “use” and “counterattack” are legitimate, and anyone has the right to counterattack and defend against crimes, not to mention crimes against humanity. Such crimes show that it is the enemy of the whole world.

The Ukrainians undeniably understand this very well.

*Chan Kung, Founder of ANBOUND Think Tank (established in 1993), Mr. Chan Kung is one of China’s renowned experts in information analysis. Most of Chan Kung‘s outstanding academic research activities are in economic information analysis, particularly in the area of public policy.


Anbound Consulting (Anbound) is an independent Think Tank with the headquarter based in Beijing. Established in 1993, Anbound specializes in public policy research, and enjoys a professional reputation in the areas of strategic forecasting, policy solutions and risk analysis. Anbound's research findings are widely recognized and create a deep interest within public media, academics and experts who are also providing consulting service to the State Council of China.

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