Iran-Russia Rasht-Astara Railway Project Agreement To Be Finalized Next Month


An agreement that was inked with Russia for constructing Iran’s Rasht-Astara mega railway project will be finalized next month. 

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development for Construction and Development of Railways, Ports and Airports Affairs Abbas Khatibi made the remarks on Wednesday and stated that talks are underway with the Russian officials for constructing this mega railway project.

The North-South Corridor is currently the most important corridor of the country, he said, adding that “the Rasht-Astara Railway is the most significant railway project in the country as well.”

Serious talks are underway with the Russian officials for participating in two financial and technical sectors of this giant project, Khatibi stated.

Resources of Letter of Credit (L/C), as opened by Russia within the framework of a loan for the completion of construction operation of Rasht-Astara Railway, should be used optimally, he emphasized.

The agreement inked with Russia would be finalized by the end of the next Iranian month of Ordibehesht (May 21), he said. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khatibi pointed to the participation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in this giant project and said, “Intensive talks are underway to draw up a bilateral agreement with Russia. After that, the trilateral agreement will be inked between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan with the annexation of the Republic of Azerbaijan to this project.”

Tasnim News Agency

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