10 Top Universities That Have Blockchain And Crypto Courses


As the terms cryptocurrency and blockchain are considered the go-to buzzwords nowadays, they are now being integrated into the curriculum at top universities all around the world. 

According to LinkedIn estimates, the number of jobs related to Bitcoin or blockchain technology hires have spiked 73%. So the job market has an appeal to those who have expertise in those fields. While some universities have been slow in catching up with this boom in crypto opportunity, other institutions have already developed courses to help you become “crypto-native” to qualify for a job in this fast-growing and diverse industry.

It’s important to know that if your motivation for working in crypto is solely financial, you may face difficulties. As without a passion, thirst for De-Fi knowledge and curiosity you’ll find crypto is an exceptionally tough industry to enter into or maintain evolving in due to its non-traditional nature. That being said, if you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain sectors that suffer from a serious talent shortage, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 finest universities to study this exciting new topic that aims at changing the world as we know it.

1. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

This course will help you uncover how the blockchain is revolutionizing Industry 4.0 and explore a new way to do business with blockchain strategy and solutions. Designed to strengthen your technical understanding of blockchain, it will teach you how to evaluate the different platforms to create your own blockchain solution architecture, without even needing to code. As Australia is currently facing a blockchain skills shortage, RMIT developed this course to introduce you to real world case studies and evaluate platforms including – Ethereum, Sawtooth, Fabric and Composer. During the course you will learn how to approach a real blockchain design challenge and understand the implementation of smart contracts and how to manage them. By the end of the course you will have completed your very own end-to-end blockchain design solution.

2. University of California Berkeley

Realizing the need for such education, they developed a course that gives you the toolkit and industry-relevant experience you need to capitalize on the rising demand. Topics include Bitcoin from a developer’s perspective, a deep-dive into Ethereum’s tech stack, and smart contract development and security. Targeted at students with a programming background, you will learn how to prototype, test, and deploy using industry-relevant tools such as the Solidity programming language, Metamask, Infura, Truffle, and Ganache, giving you the experience necessary to become a full-stack blockchain developer.

3. University of Zurich

University of Zurich was the first to establish a Blockchain Center back in 2017. Since then, the leading university has organized a wide range of academic, educational, and industry-related activities. It thus became the largest and most active academic cluster in Switzerland, a World-wide blockchain hub, with 22 faculty members from two faculties and including Informatics, Business, Economics, Finance, Regulation, Law and Complexity Science. It hosts above 40 researchers from the University of Zurich and top-scholars.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT offers a range of courses that equip students with the necessary skills required to positively shape the development of cryptocurrency technology. In these courses, students will be exploring the societal implications of blockchain technology including: cryptography, autonomous code, democratized incentive structures, and the evolution of blockchain communities. In addition to discussing the implications of the technology, students will learn about the context, history, impetus, and culture of blockchain technology, how the technology works, and the ways in which we can shape this technology through the law, societal norms, code, and markets.

5. Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This elite educational institution offers a Master of Science in Blockchain Technology program that  is designed for professionals proficient in blockchain and related technologies to analyze, design, implement and evaluate Fintech and other related systems, products and services. Key Fintech technologies and applications, as well as other aspects such as security, compliance and regulation, are covered. The programme provides students with the knowledge, support and guidance needed to pursue lifelong learning and development in Fintech and other related disciplines.  

6. University College London (UCL)

University College London (UCL) is committed to becoming the leading global research hub focused on Blockchain technologies as it has established a center dedicated to promoting the safe and organic development and adoption of Blockchain-based platforms. UCL is the first in the UK and internationally to offer Executive Education in Blockchain technologies. UCL is well positioned to offer a holistic and global perspective on the revolutionary potential of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in our socio-economic systems, offering three different types of programmes that run in the UK and internationally.

7. Tsinghua University

Sponsored by Tencent, Gaorong Capital, Finup Group, Shuidi and ObEN, Tsinghua University’s Research Center for Blockchain would conduct research on the development and industrial applications of blockchain technology. The Research Center for Blockchain is dedicated to providing first-class research and building a platform for global cooperation in blockchain. Despite China’s crackdown on crypto, this university has a course that looks at Walmart’s pilot projects with IBM to track mangoes in the Americas and pork in China, from farm to table with focus on food safety. Blockchain technology helps to identify the source of contamination quickly, so that food producers, processors, distributors, and retailers can act quickly and protect the public from harm.

8. Chinese University of Hong Kong

The institution offers financial technology diplomas, which include an introduction to distributed ledger technologies and case studies in popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Virtual tokens  are additionally discussed in those different classes inside the program. In a country with a wealth of opportunities in research and  education, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) easily outperforms their rivals.

9. Stanford University

Stanford is offering a course that aims to unpack the hype behind the “crypto craze” and give you the facts. Through the eyes of leading industry experts and Stanford instructors, you’ll learn what blockchains and cryptocurrencies are, how they can be used, and where the future of this technology is headed. In this course, students will learn the basics of blockchain technology and how it works, how cryptocurrencies are created, transacted, and stored, potential applications for Blockchain which can change the world, the pitfalls and challenges which come with adopting a digital currency.

10. University of Oxford

The Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme gives a knowledge of this disruptive technology by drawing on the expertise of Oxford scholars and industry executives. The program is designed exclusively for busy executives and includes knowledge-rich, highly relevant content and frameworks to assist participants integrate blockchain technology into their business strategy in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

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