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Islamic State Footprint In West Mosul Shrinking Rapidly, Says Pentagon


By Terri Moon Cronk


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria now controls less than a city block of territory as Iraqi security forces battle the terrorist organization to complete liberation of Mosul, Iraq, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters Wednesday.

Today marks Day 136 in the Iraqi forces’ battle to retake Mosul, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said, adding that the Iraqi forces also liberated a hospital in West Mosul over the weekend.

Since the Mosul offensive began in October, Iraqi forces have liberated 4,387 square kilometers, or nearly 1,694 square miles, Davis said.

All Axes Covered

In western Mosul’s Old City area, he added, Iraqi forces and the Emergency Response Division – a paramilitary unit of Iraq’s Defense Ministry– are attacking ISIS from the south, while Iraq’s counterterrorism service attacks to the east and its federal police attack to the north.

Davis said west of Mosul, the 15th Iraqi Army Division is maintaining its defensive positions as it moves toward a junction west of Mosul. Meanwhile, in East Mosul, the 16th Iraqi Army Division continues security sweeps while patrolling that sector as it returns to normal life.


Coalition military forces conducted three strikes in Mosul yesterday, consisting of 71 engagements, Davis said. Since the operation to liberate Mosul began, he added, the coalition has supported partner forces there with 1,556 strikes consisting of more than 10,000 engagements against ISIS targets.

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