Jihadist Arrested In Germany After Fleeing Spain


In collaboration with the General Commissariat of Information of the Spanish National Police Force, German police officers arrested a Jihadist at midday on Tuesday in Stuttgart (Germany), who had fled Spain following the latest police operation in which a DAESH recruiter was arrested in Arrecife (Lanzarote).

The detainee was subject to a outstanding European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued by Central Investigation Court number 5 of the Spanish National High Court.

This individual had been under investigation by the General Commissariat of Information of the National Police Force for several months, due to his relationship with other people under investigation in various operations that had led to the dismantling of part of the recruitment apparatus of DAESH in Spain.

The detainee maintained a very active presence on social networks on which he displayed a markedly radical profile, portraying and publicising extremist Islamist doctrines and pro-violence actions carried out by terrorist groups currently operating in Syria and Iraq (Jabhat al-Nusra and DAESH).

Among other activities, he was a notably active recruiter through his profiles on the Internet, in which he openly declared the benefits and privileges of forming part of the army of fighters of the terrorist group DAESH.

In his daily activities, he sought out and mixed with other individuals with a profile as radical as his own. Through these relations, the detainee had created bonds of friendship that had enabled him to form part of a trusted group whose main activity was to recruit Jihadist volunteers with the aim of sending them off to Syria or Iraq.

The detainee had expressed his clear intention of travelling to Syria to join up to the ranks of DAESH, as well as his high degree of influence over other individuals through social networks, who he had invited to join him on this trip as from the start of July.

After the operation carried out on 7 July in Arrecife (Lanzarote), during which the National Police Force arrested a Spanish woman accused of recruiting young girls and adolescents and of facilitating their travel to areas controlled by DAESH, the detainee decided to flee Spain and travel to Germany. As from this point in time, the General Commissariat of Information of the Spanish National Police Force activated all the police cooperation channels with the German BKA, which led to Tuesday’s arrest of this Jihadist in the German city of Stuttgart.

With this latest arrest, a very active individual in terms of his role publicising the ideology of the terrorist group DAESH, recruiting new Jihadi fighters and undertaking radical activity on the social networks and in his immediate surroundings has been neutralised.

The operation remains ongoing.

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