Sri Lanka Religious Leaders Call On Voters To Elect Intellectuals And Disciplined Groups


The Sri Lanka Religious Conference holding a news conference has called on all voters to refrain from electing to Parliament groups that speak profanity and are aggressive at the upcoming election, .

The Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalarathana Thera said that they were sending representatives to Parliament not to speak obscene language and exchange scuffles. He mentioned that an intellectual disciplined group should be elected for the enactment of laws and regulations and to craft policies for the country. This he said is the prime responsibility of the people.

Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said that political parties based on communalism and religions are not suitable for the country. He honestly believed that the country would divide through the existence of such parties. These changes should be effected if anyone loves the country.

Buddhist, Catholic, Islam and Hindu religious representatives also expressed views at this news briefing.

General Secretary of the National Christian Council W.P. Ebeneizer Joseph said that they particularly considered the qualifications of those who enter the Sri Lankan Parliament. Their character should also be taken into consideration. He mentioned that well educated persons should be sent to the legislature.

One thought on “Sri Lanka Religious Leaders Call On Voters To Elect Intellectuals And Disciplined Groups

  • August 6, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    I do agree with the sentiments voiced by clergies in this article. Some food for thought! All civil societies want sensible people with good conscious to do good to the countryare needed as members of the parliament. Rajapaske’s gang [UPFS] seems to push their way back into parliament to carry on with their robbery and at any cost to the country, they wish to remain rich and comfortable ,they careless of the poor rural people and the country. They have now taken on the only known Race card to win the sympathy from rural Sinhala masses and gain power. Since independence this had been the problem with the elitists, even the so called socialist turned their back to become ministers, even they used this race card to out bid their opponents. Those who preached one language two countries and Two languages one united country have become the worse racists group now. All Politicians and religious men need to get out of this box and find ways to do good to the country bring genuine PEACE to the country. This sorry state of affairs should halt and look for a new era to dawn. Nothing wrong in getting help from the international community and UN to solve this festering ethnic problem and give up the hegemonic attitude by the ruling Sinhala politicians . Tamils are equal citizens of Srilanka and have the right to live in peace and dignity. Hope sensible and educated men and women get elected on the 17th August 2015


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