Iran: President Rouhani To Appear Before Parliament To Defend Economic Agenda


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated on Sunday that he would appear at an open session of the parliament to answer questions on his cabinet’s economic performance and agenda, as requested by the lawmakers.

“God willing, I will come to the parliament at the specified date and will answer the questions in order not to allow any kind of rift between the two branches of power (the executive and the legislative) and in a show of respect for the parliament,” Rouhani said in a letter to Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday.

Iran’s parliament had on Wednesday announced plans to have a special session to question President Rouhani about the plummeting currency and struggling economy.

The parliament’s website said that Rouhani should appear within a month in an open session to answer questions.

His administration has already replaced the central bank governor and taken other measures to shore up the currency, which hit a new low earlier this week.

Fars News Agency

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