Germany Hands Over Ayoub Moutchou To Spain For Islamic State Recruiting


Officers of the International Cooperation Division of the Spanish National Police Force transferred Ayoub Moutchou from Germany this week. Ayoub Moutchou was wanted for terrorism and as a member of a criminal organization.

According to the Spanish government, Ayoub Moutchou was arrested on August 4 in Stuttgart (Germany) by officers of the German BKA, in collaboration with the General Commissariat of Information of the Spanish National Force and the Information Division of the Regional Police Force of Catalonia.

Active recruiter for DAESH

Ayoub Moutchou, in light of the successive police operations in which various Jihadists were arrested with whom he was in contact, decided to flee Spain and move to Germany, according to the Spanish government. From that moment, the General Commissariat of Information of the Spanish National Police Force activated the protocols for cooperation with the German BKA which led to his arrest.

The detainee was a key figure in the communication channel between sympathizers of the Islamic State in Europe and member of this terrorist group established in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. His activities were mainly aimed at conveying operational instructions from this terrorist group in a bi-directional manner, facilitating the recruitment of new members and offering all types of logistical support, the Spanish government said.

These activities were performed both over the Internet and in his immediate surroundings, where he exercised a strong influence and persuasive powers in both areas to help convince other individuals to sign up to the war being waged by the Islamic State terrorist group.

Ayoub Moutchou had initiated the necessary contacts, on behalf of the Islamic State, to carry out attacks in Spain in revenge for the latest arrests of Jihadists, the Spanish government said.

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