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International Activists Form Organization To Provide Assistance To Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange


Several notable activists from around the world have founded the Agent Orange Action Group (AOAG)  to accomplish one goal – obtain and provide assistance to the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange.

On August 10th, 1961, the United States began spraying the deadly herbicide, Agent Orange, on the people and country of Vietnam. During the course of a 10 year period, Agent Orange and the other so-called “rainbow herbicides” were sprayed on more than 20% of southern Vietnam. 4.5 million Vietnamese perished during the war. Millions more continue to suffer as a direct result of the sprayings. The effect of Agent Orange has now reached the fourth generation.

Among its stated causes, the Agent Orange Action Group – a non-profit organization founded in 2011 –  aims to provide assistance to Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange through education, fundraising and lobbying efforts in government and the private sector.

In addition, the AOAG said it seeks “justice for the victims from those who caused the tragedy, namely the United States Government and the US Chemical Companies headed by Monsanto and Dow Chemical.”

“In Vietnam there are near to four million victims of Agent Orange, of all ages, many not able to be treated in a hospital or clinics. Many live at home, in small towns and communes throughout the country. These tragic victims and their parents need our help and the help of the companies who manufactured this poison as well as the government responsible for spraying it,” according to Len Aldis, Chairman of AOAG and one of its founders.

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