British PM Agrees For Assad “Safe Exit”


British Prime Minister David Cameroon said he would agree to a safe exit for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, if his departure helps to end the conflict in Syria.

The British leader made these comments in an interview aired Tuesday by Al-Arabiya TV channel. “Certainly, I did not offer him an exile in Britain, but if he wants to leave, he could leave, this could be arranged,” said Cameroon. The British PM was asked whether the Syrian president requested a safe exit from his country.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday in Amman that the Syrian rebels had in their possession 50 Stinger missiles. He has also indicated after meeting Riad Hijab, the former Syrian Prime Minister, who defected to Jordan, that Russia was ready to work with the opposition to end the violence.

According to the Russian minister, the purpose of this meeting was to find a mechanism to stop the violence in Syria. Lavrov added that Moscow was in favor of the return of UN observers in Syria, stressing the need for dialogue between the various parties.

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