Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal “Worrisome”, Says Iran


The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations has slammed the recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Tehran’s nuclear energy program.

Mohammad Khazaei stressed Iran’s inalienable right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and called on the IAEA to observe the principle of impartiality and professional conduct.

Khazaei added that Iran and the other members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) are against the attempts by certain countries to politicize the IAEA’s activities and call for an end to any interference in the agency’s affairs.

Iran - Israel Relations
Iran – Israel Relations

Such actions could undermine the IAEA’s authority, efficiency and credibility, the Iranian official said, adding that Tehran is fully committed to its legal obligations with regard to its nuclear energy program.

Khazaei further criticized the ‘discriminatory, selective, restrictive and politically-motivated’ approach of the developed countries regarding nuclear cooperation.

“While a regime such as Israel has not joined the NPT (the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and has a program outside of nuclear safeguards, based on indisputable documents some Western powers like the US, Britain and France have helped the Zionist regime and this regime currently has one of the biggest nuclear arsenals in the world.”

Khazaei said Israel’s nuclear arsenal is “worrisome,” but the report of IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano makes no reference to the regime’s nuclear weapons program.

Referring to the anti-Iranian claims within the report, Khazaei said, “These claims are in fact fake and invalid reports and diagrams, and that is why the agency refuses to give them to Iran.”

“Given that most of the information in the report on Iran has been provided by the Zionist regime and its allies, it could be easily concluded that such data are as invalid as the childish caricature shown by Israel’s premier [Benjamin Netanyahu] at this assembly [UN General Assembly] in September.”

Iran has also dismissed as “political and prejudiced” a report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about human rights in the Islamic Republic.

During a meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee in New York, the Iranian mission to the body criticized the nature of the UN’s anti-Iranian resolutions on which Ban’s human rights allegations against Iran were based.

The mission described the anti-Iranian report as “political, prejudiced, selective and based on the views of a few Western countries.”

The delegation also criticized the report as “illogical and unprofessional” for excluding the responses provided by the Iranian government and the positive measures taken by Iran regarding human rights.

The mission pointed to the blatant violations of human rights by the main backers of the anti-Iran resolution, dismissing allegations leveled by these countries against Iran as “ridiculous”.

The delegation also criticized the demand by the Canadian government that the UN cancel its special envoy’s mission to Israel as “suspicious.”

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One thought on “Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal “Worrisome”, Says Iran

  • November 7, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Israel plays exactly the same game: you cannot criticise Israel’s human rights record when you fail to criticise the record of many other states (meaning principally Iran and Syria). It’s a very strange argument and unacceptable whether it comes from Iran or Israel. It sheds no light on whether Israel,Iran or indeed the US are disregarding Human Rights.


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