Mexico: ‘The Beast’ Returns To Guatemala


The freight train known as “The Beast”, which thousands of migrants use each year to travel from southern to northern Mexico risking their lives, will extend its route to Guatemala starting from December 15.

The Ferrovías de Guatemala national railway line reached an accord with the Mexican Compañía de Ferrocarriles-Mayab, to bring the convoy – that travels from Mexico to the US – to the Tecún Umán terminal. Ferrovías invested $1 million.

“The Beast” will initially enter 1.5km into Guatemala and, based on the freight movement, can later be extended.

Mexico each year transports 3.87 million tons of merchandise; 1.3 million tons travels from Guatemala to Mexico. Among the top products that will benefit from the rail transport will be cement, metals, minerals, far products, chemicals, petrol-chemicals, automobiles. The rail link has the potential of reducing ground transport by 30 to 40%.


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